Employment opportunities are afforded differently depending on the your geographical location.  Ultimately, it’s paramount that you understand all the players in any organization.

1. Human Resources
Do you see HR having a lot more power within your company? Do you feel like you can connect with everyone? If you are an HR professional, do you feel like you are a strong asset in your company? What ways could your team work better with you?

2. Information Technology
HUGE power within a company. Who holds the responsibility now? Is it the technical people or the administrators with their mouths closest to the ear of the shareholders?

3. Sales
How important are they? Should we be nice to them? Who holds the cards?

4. Portfolio
Is it the time to control your own destiny?  Do you sit back and let businesses guide you on future opportunities? Is now the time to finally take the “consultant” step?

5. CFO
Is this the true decision maker?

6. The Recruiter
Is there really anyone on your side? Or is it that you truly don’t understand how they work.  Is it the “stand alone” position? There are so many fields you could slide into this field, which is why no one has been able to truly establish it anywhere. Think for a few seconds and it may provide new lights to your frustrations when dealing with them.