Let me preface this by saying that I find Valentine’s Day to be a huge waste. Flowers die, chocolate makes me fat and paper cards kill trees. I hate the fact that I have to buy a bazillion valentine’s day cards for my children’s classes, only to watch my own kids come home from school, throw the cards away without even reading then as they suck down the candy like human Hoovers. What is the point? If you really love somebody, show them every day by putting their needs before yours.

Okay. Now. If I was one of those women who actually cared about this day and my husband wanted to get me something, I’d ask for the following:
  • I was lucky enough to be gifted with one of these bags at a blogger retreat and I FELL IN LOVE with it. The quality is superior and the bag styles are unique. I’m not generally a purse girl. I don’t give a rat’s ass about carrying a Prada bag. But these are so feminine and sometimes, I just need to feel pretty.  Oh, and they make all of their bags in diaper bag sizes too for the preggos. http://www.velvetpepper.com/tori-purse-natural-linen/
  • Give the gift that benefits both parties. http://www.sephora.com/flash-go-permanent-hair-removal-device-P300901?skuId=1385525 I am so damn tired of shaving my legs I could puke. I don’t have time to go get waxed. THIS is my perfect solution.
  • No time for shyness. If you really want to say “I love you,” give me the gift that keeps on giving. http://www.kikidm.com/shop/Soraya-Vibe/?initial=
  • Wine. It is how I got these children in the first place and how I survive the daily chaos that comes with raising them. Keep me supplied and I’ll keep your boxers clean. dinner on the table and your children from killing each other. http://www.cawineclub.com/
  • I love my figure. This doesn’t mean that I love the dimples that decorate my thighs. Keep your diamonds. Velashape is truly a girl’s best friend, aside from Botox. I’ve had it done and I love it. No pain. No downtime. No dimples. http://www.velashape.com/
*I was not compensated by anyone to give my suggestions. I just really like these ideas and I know that I cannot be the only woman who would much rather get any of the above than some truffles.


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