Natural Suggestions For allergy sufferers – Sara Chana

By Sara Chana, IBCLC RH (AHG)

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and at the day’s end, there are beautiful sunsets to be seen. While this is seemingly a most blissful time for all, there is a group of equally fantastic people who would also like to view this time of the year from an artistic point of view; however, they suffer miserably with seasonal allergies. For those vulnerable folks, the glorious spring weather brings itchy eyes, scratchy throats, hives and possibly wheezing. Still, with the arrival of this renewed blossoming of spring allergies, no one has to suffer as a victim, because there is help for the susceptible. They can fortify for this battle with an arsenal of foods, herbs and homeopathy. So, allergy sufferers arm yourselves with these practical tips and learn to face that dreaded pollen head on, once and for all!

Herbal suggests are:

Reishi mushrooms are super-powerful medicinal mushrooms that both stimulate the immune response and reduce the histamine production in the body. They are available in capsule form, which makes them easy to take, and are best taken two to three times a day.

Freeze-dried nettle is a green plant filled with chlorophyll that has been shown in clinical studies to be as effective as today’s allergy medicines. The positive side of taking nettles is that most people feel clearing in their nose, eyes and sinuses within 20 minutes, and nettles don’t have the side effects of most modern anti-allergy medicines, like sleepiness and dry mouth. The downside is that the effectiveness of nettles can wear off in four hours, so they need to be taken more often than conventional medicines. And while taking nettles can be likened to eating a wild salad, they also come in an easy-to-take capsule form.

Homeopathic remedies choices are:
Homeopathy is not taken preventive, but can help alleviate symptoms at the first sign of allergy. It may take a little trial and error before one finds the correct homeopathic remedy that suits your specific symptoms, because homeopathic remedies target an individual’s reactions to a sickness rather than attacking the ailment directly, but the relief can be wonderful and worth the effort.
Allium Cepa 30c is used for constantly tearing eyes, sneezing and liquid that is coming out of the nose.
Sabadilla 30c is used for a stuffy nose that also drips, constant sneezing and dripping eyes. It’s also used when the allergy can be felt in the lungs.
Arundo 30c is used for that annoying scratching that can be felt in the back of the mouth by the soft palate, inside the nose and ears.
Now that you’ve read through this compact allergy guide, follow its recommendations and use your personal arsenal to be a strong warrior with a strong immune system—it takes a powerful immune system to combat that stubborn and invasive pollen.

Sara Chana, IBCLC, RH (AHG) is a lactation consultant, classical homeopath, registered herbalist, doula and mother of seven children. She has worked with over 10,000 new moms and babies. Please like her Facebook page’ Sara Chana’ and follow her on twitter Also, check out her new Breastfeeding App with 102 original videos at


  1. Sara Lee

    I saw her on cbs that morning. She was great. very clear and informative.
    I wish i could see her on TV on a regular basis.

  2. Sue

    Her information would be great to see on a regular basis. That’s a great idea. I hate allergies! I grew up on sudafed. My friend remembers me popping them all summer long when we were little! I have used stinging nettles since and they do make a great difference.

  3. chaya

    great stuff ! my eyes itch throughout the day. good reminder to wash them. Any other ideas?

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