lnp-kiddoawardsWe took a month off from the Kiddos so we wanted to do something special. Here are not one, not two, but three winners from our April Fool’s category – no joke. A little late, we know, but we hope these will still make you smile.

#1: My boss had said several times that he wanted a different desk and would not stop talking about it. So I went in early and had it set up with maintenance that we would remove his desk and put in an old school desk in its place. Oh my, was he speechless! He has laughed about that to this day. Maintenance did come back with a bigger desk for him and he was a happy guy. – Janine M.

#2: I headed out one morning to discover that every inside window of my [car] had been covered by Post Its. My daughters snuck out at 2 a.m. to leave me that surprise. Took a while to get enough off the windows so that I could drive. They were cracking up! – Kelly B.

#3: This I pulled on my sons on April Fool’s Day. One was in 2nd and the other in 7th grade. I woke them up and they did their usual mumbling and grumbling, I then told them, “Hey you know what? Forget about going to school today, one day off won’t hurt, go back to bed,” they looked at me (especially since there was no taking off school or work unless you need to see the doctor). And they jumped in bed and heard… “April Fools!” Yes, this was mean, but [they] did get payback. A few days later I opened up their cereal box while we were having breakfast and there was a rubber spider right on top. I screamed and threw the box and contents across the room. – Jessica G.