Pre-School Kids Get Ready to Meet ‘Belch & Squelch’ in their First

Hilarious Adventure Book ‘Pick My Nose!’

Belch and Squelch are the brand new children’s characters set to excite and humour kids in their first adventure, ‘Pick My Nose!’ The short story focuses on a theme central to every child’s sense of humour, picking noses! With many hilarious moments and two new unforgettable characters that children can get to know, Anna Taggart’s new children’s book is set to be a firm favourite with young children everywhere.

United Kingdom: Meet Belch and Squelch; two best friends with a number of grisly and gruesome habits. When Belch has an unusual request of Squelch, the two begin a hilarious exchange that kids will love. Will Squelch help his best friend Belch to pick his nose?

Anna Taggart’s brand new tale for children taps into that mindset of disgusting habits and ridiculous situations that kids love. In ‘Pick My Nose! Belch, focused on a need to have his nose picked asks his friend to help but Squelch has his own unfolding dilemma. Can Squelch help Belch? Does he even want to? Will Belch remain oblivious to Squelch’s predicament? The tale offers children the chance to engage with waggish characters that they will love. Through humour, adults can interact with their child to nurture emotional intelligence; analysing the story from each character’s point of view, learning to empathise with different points of view and through discussion, draw their own conclusions.

A report from Scholastic and Early Childhood Today, humour such as that contained within Pick My Nose! is a great indicator for a child’s cognitive and linguistic abilities. The hilarity in the book shows that children are picking up on the social cues surrounding nose-picking, and its potential for laughs, which demonstrates a great deal about how they interact and engage with the world around them. Humour is a form of intellectual play, and can not only enhance a child’s learning; it can also contribute in an emotional and social sense.

The characters Belch and Squelch have also been developed as a brand; they will be advertised on the Nickelodeon and Nick Jnr website, they have their own song and smartphone app, developed by AppiDays Ltd, and a number of social media pages where parents and children can check out the exciting news of the two furry friends. This branding helps to set up the characters to feature in a number of exciting projects from Anna Taggart in the future.

The books are available to purchase from Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, Foyles and a number of other online book retailers.


There once was a tale of two rumbustious rascals who happened to be best friends. Belch and Squelch live together in a yellow and purple house, and when one day Belch has an audacious request of Squelch, the two end up in a farcical exchange that will have kids rolling around laughing.

Written by Anna Taggart and illustrated by Tyrone Hemmings, the book is the first in a series of titles about Belch and Squelch, who are set to be the next big thing in children’s books, televisions, and literature and smartphone apps.


About The Author

When Biomedical Scientist Anna Taggart’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she resigned from a 26-year-old career in the NHS to become her mother’s carer. Needing a new career path, conducive to her carer’s duties, in 2012 Anna set-up a self-publishing company, Dooks A Dee.

Her first title is named Pick My Nose! and features two unconventionally adorable characters named Belch and Squelch. Anna is marketing the two as a fantastic new brand for children who love all things parps, boogers and burps.


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