New Book Uses Age Old Past-time to Encourage Imagination, Creativity, and Appreciation for Nature

Amazing Cloudscapes: People and Faces features original photographs of what author Dr. Joyce I. Boye calls “cloud art,” or interesting cloud formations she captured by simply looking up. Just as many of us did as children, Dr. Boye gives each cloud a name and special significance, but in the postscript, the scientist-turned-author reminds readers that clouds play an important role in the cycle of life and sustaining our ecosystem.

Dr. Boye encourages parents and educators to use Amazing Cloudscapes as both a fun activity to encourage children’s imaginations as well as a starting point for important conversations about climate change, the environment, and our shared responsibility to care for the environment. In a unique and inspirational interview, Dr. Boye will explore:

  • Fostering imagination, creativity, and perspective in kids
  • Why clouds are important to our environment
  • How changes in the world’s climate can and will impact clouds
  • The importance of encouraging children to appreciate “Mother Earth”
  • Her tips for talking to children about taking care of our environment

“Clouds are not only beautiful. They also remind us of the fragility of our planet,” Dr. Boye adds. “I hope learning about our environment and the delicate nature of our ecosystems will inspire children to take better care of our earth.”

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