New children’s book by K.A. Masters explores losing pets and the grieving process

KERRVILLE, Texas – A dog’s sense of loyalty, unconditional love and playful spirit are only a few reasons why they are often considered more like a family member than mere animal.

The bond between human and pet happens both instantly and deepens over time.  It is a connection that is indescribable, unbreakable and heartbreaking when it is severed. To facilitate the grief process, in “Why I Love Dogs,” author K.A. Masters shares the cycle of joy, love and loss that’s instrumental between people and their pets.

“My book cannot stop the loss of a pet, but can open up conversations to help people cope and learn from grief in a healthy way,” Masters said.

Full of rich images, family friendly and easy to read, “Why I Love Dogs” is ideal for children and adults alike, especially when used as a tool for dealing with the loss of a pet, and grief in general. Often a loveable sidekick, children love to play with and learn through pets, making loss particularly difficult.

“I wrote the book as a story to relate to children’s affection for their pets, but also to help them with any grief they might feel if they’ve lost a pet,” said Masters. “That can be difficult for a child to deal with. I hope to help them through it.”

“Why I Love Dogs”

By K. A. Masters

ISBN: 978-1449788131

Retail price: $7.95

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About the Author

K. A. Masters has been painting pictures of dogs and cats for almost 10 years, inspired by their unconditional love throughout her life. Masters grew up in West Texas and currently resides in the San Antonio area.