Crowdfunding expert Kendall Almerico, CEO of popular crowdfunding website ClickStartMe, recently commented on one of the latest fundraising trends, crowdfunding babies.

“I think it’s incredible that perspective parents are able to utilize crowdfunding to make their dream of having or adopting a baby come true,” crowd funding expert Almerico said. “It’s great the people are willing to help these parent afford fertility treatment and adoptions which can be very expensive.”

Almerico says that couples who are hoping to have children are beginning to look to crowdfunding websites like ClickStartMe for help raising money for fertility treatments and adoptions – two options for perspective parents that are becoming increasing expensive. Almerico notes that only about 30% of insurance providers will cover fertility treatments, and despite generous tax deductions for family who adopt out of pocket – the fact remains that most couples in this economy simply can’t afford to do this on their own.

“This is just another example of how crowdfunding can help people,” said the crowd funding expert. “Crowdfunding can change lives, and not only for prospective parents. Think about dream projects, small business you’ve always wanted to start, or even graduate level research that government grants will not cover – all of it is possible with crowdfunding.”

Almerico notes that there are existing foundations established to provide grants and other aid to parents who hope to adopt, but the process of applying for aid can be long and arduous. But, Almerico says, there is no aid for those couples who want to have their own child, but are having trouble conceiving. “Crowdfunding on websites like ClickStartMe is changing the way people raise money, for the better. It gives them more options, and gives others a way to contribute to deserving projects that can change people’s lives,” commented Almerico.

Kendall Almerico is the CEO of ClickStartMe, a crowdfunding site that provides individuals and businesses with an easy-to-use website to raise funds through online crowdfunding. Almerico is available for interviews and speaking engagements.