bikeNEW YORK CITY (August 23, 2013) – Jetson Bikes, makers of Jetson E-Bikes, announced today their partnership with Urban Outfitters to sell their electric bikes available at Urban Outfitters.  Jetson E-Bikes will be available on and in five of their top brick and mortar stores in Malibu, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and two locations in New York City (14th Street and 5th Avenue).

“The Urban Outfitters shopper is looking for fun, savvy, stylish products that help make their lives more exciting and help them to express their individuality, so this partnership make sense for all parties involved,” said Josh Sultan, CEO of Jetson Bikes.  “Electric bikes are quickly becoming the trending transportation alternative for everyone from city dwellers to students living on college campuses.”

Featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2012, Jetson E-Bikes has experienced a recent surge in popularity and appeal among young and urban commuters nationwide.  This “green” product prides itself in providing an affordable, convenient and simple to use option for people on the go. The electric bikes maintain the traditional pedal functionality with the added benefit of an electric battery, which powers the bike to travel at speeds of up to 20mph. What’s more since the product is classified as a bicycle it does not require any special license to operate.



Jetson E-Bikes, by Jetson Bike, are a new sleek, eco-friendly, and affordable electric bike built with stamina and style catering to a wide demographic and uses.   Equipped with a digital LCD display, Jetson E-Bikes run up to 20 miles per hour (MPH) on a lithium ion battery while still offering the option to pedal.  Jetson E-Bikes are equipped with the latest and most efficient electric charge.  Advanced lithium ion technology means zero emissions into the environment.  Jetson E-Bikes are available in the following colors:  black, cotton candy pink, forest green, lime green, magenta, navy blue, neon yellow, orange, purple, red, silver and white.  For more information, please visit,, or