Convenient, Freeze & Eat Treats Creatively Deliver Nourishment and Flavor

New York, NY – August 2013 – An innovative healthy frozen treat is throwing its hat into the ring as stiff competition for the ever-growing functional foods market.  For the 86 percent of the American public who is concerned about the nutritional content of food, the newly launched LifeIce offers bite-sized ices as something uniquely satisfying and delicious to health conscious professionals, on-the-go parents, fitness buffs and weight-conscious individuals all looking for healthy snack options, without sacrificing taste or enjoyment. (Statistic source: FNIC).

As the first 100% natural, bite-sized ices, LifeIce “cubettes” are A Frozen Source for Healthy Living®. They are fat-free, low in calories and sugars, gluten-free, Kosher-certified, GMO-free and without preservatives.  What’s more, LifeIce’s patent-pending freeze & eat delivery system allows these bite-sized ices to be sold shelf stable, at room temperature, in liquid form and in custom-engineered trays that carry a one year “Best If Frozen By” shelf life.

So, are these cubettes like healthy ice cubes? The answer is “no.” Since each cubette is jam-packed with healthy ingredients, it won’t freeze like plain water does into ice. And that’s a good thing. The result is bite-sized ices, not ice cubes, which have a texture more akin to mini popsicles – a treat that’s fun to eat. But, unlike traditional popsicles, ice creams, cookies and other sugary snacks, LifeIce delivers a healthy solution to snacking.

Perfectly molded into its unique cubette shape, this freeze & eat treat is specially formulated with a variety of nutrients and vitamins found naturally in its premium ingredients. Available in four delicious but distinctive flavors:  Citrus Chomp®, Berry Bite®, Green Grind® and Chocolate Crisp®each LifeIce variety starts with a power base of coconut water and agave, which is then blended with exciting combinations of  Superfoods such as Mangosteen, Yumberry, Green Tea Extract & Cherry and everyday health boosters like Ginger, Blueberry, Kale & Currant. All of which deliver a frozen treat that both nourishes and delights.

With so many options to choose from, and a generous serving size equal to 24 cubettes, even the most devoted, health- and weight-conscious consumer will be pleasantly surprised to see ingredient names they can recognize, value claims that resonate, fewer calories than traditional snacks, and delivery of a truly healthy product as promised. (MSRP $5.99 | 1 Carton |2 Trays | 24 Cubettes Per Tray).

LifeIce was borne out of homemade recipes made by founder, Paulette Fox, to nourish, hydrate and comfort her mother who was battling ovarian cancer. Made from necessity and love, LifeIce was inspired by the therapeutic effects of traditional ice chips. In tribute to that inspiration, LifeIce has pledged its support of ovarian cancer awareness in a variety of different formats, including a strategic partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and other charitable efforts. To learn more about LifeIce’s innovations, benefits and competitive edge as a first-of-its-kind, healthy, frozen treat, visit