keep your kids safe - alarm system reviews tip sheetAs the summer draws to an end, it means not only the return of cooler weather, but also millions of children around the country will be preparing to head back to school. For many children whose parents work, this is also a time when families begin exploring safety and security options. If a child spends time home alone after school, it’s important to develop home security plans that keep families safe and secure.

The home security professionals at, a site that provides reviews of top alarm systems, and a way to compare alarm systems, created a list of tips for families to keep in mind as school heads back into session.

1.    Ensure children know all important phone numbers. This can include parent’s work numbers, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, the phone number of neighbors, and relatives that may live nearby. For older children, it’s a good idea to purchase a cell phone in case of emergency that is programmed with all important phone numbers.

2.    Contact a home alarm system company to learn about home automation systems with video surveillance capabilities. Home automation systems are ideal for parents who work because they allow for the monitoring of a child’s activities from a remote location, using a computer or mobile device. Parents can receive updates on any number of activities, including when a door or window is opened or unlocked, or when the alarm system is triggered.

3.    Instruct children not to enter their home if something doesn’t seem “right”—this can include a door being open, a broken window, a screen that’s ripped, or any other sign that something is amiss. If a child comes home after school and sees any of these signs, teach them to instead go to a trusted neighbor’s home, or immediately contact their parent.

4.    Create a list of predetermined rules, and outline these rules in a written list that is posted in a prominent place in a home. Rules can pertain to the use of an alarm system, locking doors and windows, using computers and social media unattended, and answering the phone and knocks at the door. The more clearly defined these rules, the easier it is for children and young teens to understand and follow the guidelines.

5.    Creating a regular routine will help parents be informed of where their children are at all time. Outline daily schedules, including when children will arrive home from school, and any activities or events that may be occurring. In case of emergency, it’s valuable for parents or caretakers to always be aware of every event or activity that occurs before, during and after school each day.

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