Educators and parents are the most important adults in a child’s life. That’s why NEA members throughout the nation are working closely with parents to ensure our students succeed.

Common Core State Standards have been a controversial and confusing topic for parents. The National Education Association has released comprehensive resources for parents to help educators and parents work together. .


Resources include information, videos and brochures on various topics including:
*   Common Core State Standards
*   Families and Educators Working Together for Student Success
*   How families and educators can work together to help students transition to Common Core State Standards and achieve success. Families and Educators Advocate for Student Achievement
*   Become an advocate for Common Core State Standards. Find out how you can support change outside the classroom that will help student achieve success inside it. More Resources
*   How Should Parents Navigate the Parent-Teacher Conference?  My Children Are Not “Failing,” And Neither Are Their Teachers
*  A Day In The Life of a Parent Coordinator
*  Union and Parents Join Forces to Improve School Conditions
*  When This ESP Visits Student Homes, He’s Treated Like Family Home Visits Yield Hope and Cooperation With Parents
*  How Family Involvement is Helping in Utah
*  Parents’ Role in Bullying and Intervention For Parents: If a Child Complains of Being Bullied