BelieveIllustrationNew York, New York, September 2013 – With so many children around the world, it’s getting harder and harder for kids to believe that Santa Claus is able to make all the rounds and visit every home on Christmas Eve. Many children ask questions that often stump parents such as “how will Santa find me?” and “how will he know where I live?” This doubt chips away from a child’s belief in Santa’s existence. To help keep the belief alive, a children’s book The Magical Tale of Santa Dust – A Christmas Traditionaims to inspire families by creating a new Christmas Eve tradition where Santa Dust is used to guide Old St. Nick directly to a child’s door. This family activity is sure to spark squeals of joy and priceless looks of wonder on children’s faces come Christmas morning.

Author, Patricia Cardello, first got the idea for Santa Dust when she faced similar doubt-filled questions from her children. Living in an apartment in Manhattan, she often joked to them that Santa might not be able to find their apartment in such a big city and reminded them how he had millions of houses to visit. Patricia and her children came up with the idea of “Santa Dust” to help make Santa’s job a little easier by guiding him to their home. On Christmas Eve, the family would walk around their neighborhood leaving a trail of glittery Santa Dust behind them that led directly to their front door.


Patricia’s book, The Magical Tale of Santa Dust, is based on this tradition and tells the story of two children who are saddened by the fact that Santa can never find their house on Christmas Eve. Everything changes once they discover the magical workings of Santa Dust. Santa spots their house and swoops in to provide them with their first official visit from Santa. Beautifully illustrated by Italian artist, Mannela Soriani, the book depicts colorful and magical holiday scenes sure to excite any child.

This delightful holiday tale will inspire children and parents alike to start their own family tradition of Santa Dust walks on Christmas Eve. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a story that parents everywhere can relate to, as well as one that will reignite belief in any child. Furthermore, the Santa Dust tradition ensures that no house is forgotten on Christmas Eve. Wherever families live and call “home”, they are sure to enjoy their annual Santa Dust walks around their neighborhood while spending quality time with their children and grandchildren.

Published by N & J Publishing in New York, The Magical Tale of Santa Dust, by Patricia Cardello, is available regionally at select FAO Schwarz, Hallmark Cards, Barnes & Noble, and Toys ‘R’ Us (New York), as well as hundreds of stores across the country and Canada; all stores are listed online at The book is available alone (MSRP $16.95) or in a set with a red velvet pouch containing magical Santa Dust (MSRP $19.95). The pouch of non-toxic, glittery Santa Dust can also be purchased alone for MSRP $6.00.