pink-products-for-breast-cancerImpeltronics announces new pink products for breast cancer awareness month.  The pink flashlight pick up tool is also offered in Red, Blue, Silver, and Black.  Extendable from a compact 6.75” to over 21” long for better reach and includes a flexible magnetic head and tail


If you’re looking beyond pens, coffee mugs and t-shirts, this bright Pink Flashlight offers a well constructed sturdy aluminum casing with a strong stainless steel clip making it the perfect fundraising product.  With powerful magnets at both ends and a telescoping head that reaches from over 6” to just under 22”, this is a very useful product offering everyone a handy tool.

The main functionality of this Pink Flashlight Tool offers the ability for the user to find and retrieve objects in hard to reach areas.  The magnets in both the head and tail end of the flashlight permit the recovery of magnetic objects.


This product is constructed of rugged aluminum and includes a stainless steel clip.  The magnetic flashlight head, also made of aluminum, contains 3 bright LED’s.  The flashlight head is attached to approx 3” of sturdy flexible metal for multi-directional applications.


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