New Book Brings Light to a Child’s Need for a Father

‘Christopher Robin’s Dad’ by Christopher Robin, Sr. stresses the importance of fathers in their children’s lives.

In his new book, Christopher Robin’s Dad, Christopher Robin, Sr. tells the story of his life-a story that ends in loss and the realization that children need both of their parents to guide them into adulthood.  Without them, how would a child know to function or know not stray into the darker paths of life? How would they know to avoid drugs, gambling, overindulging in alcohol, and becoming involved with unsavory characters? How would they know what types of people they should trust and which ones to steer clear from?  Parents teach their children about the world, guiding them through the lessons of childhood, so their children will be able to make educated decisions.  What happens when one parental figure is missing?


Christopher Robin’s Dad not only tells the tale of Robin, Sr. and Jr.’s relationship, but also touches on the lives of Robin Sr.’s dad and his father.  Robin, Sr.’s dad lacked a childhood; his father sold equestrian stock and would spend the money on “booze and flooze” before returning home to his family, leaving them poor.  Eventually, this deadbeat dad ran out on his family, leaving Robin, Sr.’s father to become an adult and support his siblings and mother. 


This made Robin, Sr.’s father uneasy in the role of a father when it was his turn.  In retrospect, he understands his father had an “inability to show love or affection” to his two daughters and his only son.   As a child, he strives to do “things that would please him”, but his father never expressed his approval, at least not to him.  Even during his performing years, when he sent recordings of his singing as a gift, his father never told him he was proud, but his sisters informed Robin, Sr. that his father wore the tapes out listening to them. 


Christopher Robin, Sr. and his son had a far different relationship.  He was a stay-at-home parent, a “Mr. Mom”, thanks to his career as a vocal coach.  After his nasty divorce and custody battle, he lost that connection with his son.  He never knew if his son was enjoying life, still playing ball, or making the right decisions.  Robin, Sr. became just a visitor in his son’s world, not a true father.  He was unable to win back his role as father figure, a role that both he and his son desperately needed and wished for.


Through the journey that Robin relates in Christopher Robin’s Dad, he becomes a fathers’ rights activist, pushing for those who run the family court system to see that children need both parent figures in the family. It is his hope that his story will raise awareness for the fact that fathers need to be more than just visitors in their children’s lives. 



Christopher Robin, Sr. is a family rights activist, after fighting his own losing battle in divorce court.