SlimPlate-SystemA college professor conducted an experiment in conjunction with ABC News using college students to study their eating habits. The results supported the concept that portion control is the key to healthy eating, and will lead to weight control. Just mandating portion control doesn’t necessarily create a workable diet system. The idea is to make it simple, without the dieter running to weigh foods on a scale, or checking a calorie table ten times a day. It must be organized by those in the know, as a complete protocol.

This is what is behind the creation of The SlimPlate System. Two weight loss physicians developed what is called “Weight Loss In A Box” which simply refers to the most sustainable diet on the market at this time. Here is a diet plan complete with Portion Control Tools. Firstly, the diet is predicated on 5 portion controlled meals a day. The user does not have to change their lifestyle or make all those sacrifices that make traditional diets fail. The multiple meals keep the metabolism revved-up throughout the day, providing the body with plenty of energy to burn those calories.

What separates The SlimPlate System from all other weight loss programs are the special plates, cups, bowls and a set of well thought-out Portion Control Cutting Rings. There are clearly delineated colored lines on the tableware and all a person has to do is keep food items within them. Each meal can now be prepared with the correct amount of fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins. This new system for weight loss has been hailed for its ease of implementation and ease for long term sustainment. The Portion Control Cutting Rings” make it possible to control the portion sizes of all kinds of food items, such as waffles, sandwiches and even pancakes.

The SlimPlate System was created by two well respected weight-loss physicians. Dr. Nwe is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine. She co-founded the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center with Dr. Grewal. Sandeep Grewal, M.D. is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and was the recipient of The Charlotte Business Journal’s Healthcare Innovator Award for 2013, and also named to the “Top Forty Under Forty” List in 2013.

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