“MAD SKILLS” contains over 700 unique exercises to build strength and mobility for athletes of any kind 
madskillsPortland, Oregon (Oct. 30, 2013) Last year Portland, Oregon physical therapist Ben Musholt competed on NBC’s hit TV show  American Ninja Warrior (conveniently mislabeled as James Sclar) and joined an elite group of people who made it up the famed “Warp Wall” and actually completed the regional semi-finals. This fall he finishes an equally strenuous course three years in the making. His brand new book “Mad Skills” is the world’s largest illustrated exercise encyclopedia and will be available to purchase November 1st.

Musholt says he created “Mad Skills” for people to use as a supplement to assist in their current physical training regimen or as a standalone exercise guide for those looking to add variety in their personal workout routine. The exercises are equally applicable to snowboarders, rock climbers, football players – virtually anyone looking to supplement their workout routine. Musholt’s credo is: The broader array of movement skills that you train, the better athlete you will be.

“When I created “Mad Skills” I did so with the understanding that we don’t need another title with guys with their shirts off showing us how to get ready for speedo season,” says Musholt. “Whether you ski off-piste, train MMA, or compete in adventure races, this is the reference tool you need on your bookshelf!”
Limited Equipment Required.madskills1

All of the exercises in “Mad Skills” were selected to ensure that someone with limited space or financial resources could improve his or her fitness even without having access to a large, well-stocked gym. Musholt says he recognizes that not everyone has the resources or time to attend the gym regularly. He created this book so people of any age can reference workouts from the comfort and privacy of their own home. While equipment is not necessary for most exercises, dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, parallette bars and medicine balls are all supplemental exercise aids included in the book.

About Ben Musholt.

Ben Musholt is a physical therapist and APEX Movement certified Parkour and Freerunning coach in Portland, Oregon. He is a cofounder of the ‘Beyond the Clinic’ rehabilitation practice, and also runs BPM Rx, Inc. His writing has been featured on the Men’s Fitness and Breaking Muscle websites. He also blogs at ParkourConditioning.com and posts workouts to StrengthMob.com.