One-size-fits-all Service is Perfect Holiday Gift

Las Vegas – Families facing hectic work schedules, diverse family dynamics, or relatives who live long distance often miss out on day-to-day interaction with their children or grandchildren., a new, affordable online service allows users to pre-record themselves reading a story children can access at a later time, and is the perfect holiday gift for family members at a distance.

“If your parents are missing time with their grandchildren because they live in another state or your spouse is constantly traveling for work, there’s no better gift to offer them this holiday season than KidsCork,” said Justin Butler, found of KidsCork.  “It’s an affordable, one-size-fits-all present that will keep your family connected while giving your children the educational benefits of being read to every day.”

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, KidsCork is adding holiday-themed books to its already extensive library.

“During the holiday season, when we all want to be with family, KidsCork can help parents, grandparents, or other families members stay connected through stories,” said Butler.  “Children can go to the corkboard, open the book, and listen to their loved one reading to them as if they were right there. Even if you have to be apart during the holidays, KidsCork is a gift that can bridge that distance and keep the family close.” is incredibly easy to use and navigate, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

“If you can turn on a computer, you can use KidsCork,” said Butler.  “We know that technology can be daunting for some, and it was important that we created a platform where people feel comfortable—we didn’t want any barrier to stand in the way of someone being able to read to their child or grandchild.” family sites are completely private, and are available through three affordable plans ranging from $2-$6 per month.  KidsCork also has a special kid-friendly Interactive World Map to

help them better visualize the places where their loved ones live—the map features pictures of animals in the area and fun facts like state bird and tree.  For those living outside the U.S., the map helps teach children how to say “Hello” in the language of the country.  Add KidsCork’s Photo Booth and Personal Notes posting and all of a sudden, the distance becomes a little closer and a little more bearable.

KidsCork was founded as a way to keep families closer together by offering a secure, private online space for parents, grandparents and other family members to pre-record themselves reading books that their kids can access any time. The site also features interactive maps that allow kids to learn about the geographic areas where their relatives are—everything from plants and animals to history and language—in a friendly manner, without the fear-inducing results that Web searches can return. also offers a Photo Booth for sharing photos and a Personal Notes section for leaving messages for kids. was founded by entrepreneur, Justin Butler, a father of two, and developed in concert with retired Colonel Charles Giasson, a proud grandfather and former program manager and systems engineer, and retired Major-General Alan Salisbury, who served as the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command, and currently heads up the Code of Support Foundation (also a proud grandfather).