After just seven days, Decibullz 2.0 has crowdfunded 90% of its funding goal to bring a new and improved version to market

DecibullzDecibullz, the world’s only custom remoldable earbuds, have been running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the past week. In that period of time, the Kickstarter community has shown resounding support for Decibullz which has secured over $35,000 or 90% of its funding goal. Once Decibullz reaches its funding goal, backers will be certain to receive their Decibullz 2.0 earbuds and any other rewards they pledged for during the campaign.

The current campaign’s goal is to raise $40,000 to manufacture Decibullz 2.0, a new and improved version of the previous model. While the innovative thermoplastic mold remains intact for Decibullz 2.0, many improvements have been undertaken based on extensive research and loyal customer feedback. New to Decibullz 2.0 is a flat, tangle-free cord with microphone and music controls. This feature eliminates the all-too- common headache of bunched up cords while offering the user access to convenient smartphone functions. A lower profile has been integrated into the new model, allowing Decibullz to sit flush against the ear to be worn comfortably with hats and helmets. Sound quality has been vastly improved for Decibullz 2.0, now providing a deeper, fuller sound than its predecessor. To allow Decibullz to be used in more demanding conditions, the new earbuds feature greater sweat resistance and higher noise isolation, making them the ideal earbuds for an active, on-the-move lifestyle.

“Everyone loves listening to music on their mobile device, but it can be really frustrating to do while being active,” notes Kyle Kirkpatrick, creator of Decibullz. “Headphones are too big and uncomfortable while earphones commonly tangle and fall out. This problem led me to develop Decibullz which molds easily to your ear, ensuring they are always comfortable and never fall out. They’re perfect for any activity.”

Decibullz’s unique thermoplastic is composed of a biodegradable, nontoxic material that allows the user to personally fit the molds to their own ears. To mold, simply heat the molds in cup of water for two minutes each in the microwave. After letting the molds sit until they reach just above room temperature, they become pliable for approximately four minutes, allowing sufficient time for the user to reach a perfect fit. If the desired results are not reached, Decibullz can be remolded until the perfect fit is achieved.

Early backers of the campaign have loved the idea and, as shown by their support, already made suggestions for stretch goals should Decibullz reach its $40,000 funding goal before the campaign is over. Aside from the Kickstarter community, Decibullz has received praise from many respected tech publications, and recently won an Innovation Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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Decibullz are custom-molded earbuds that easily and quickly mold to the shape of the user’s ears. With Decibullz’ custom-fit thermoplastic mold, the earbuds don’t fall out, never hurt, and they provide excellent

noise isolation. They are the ideal earbuds for running, cycling, working out or any on-the-go lifestyle. To learn more about Decibullz, visit