indexIn the second book of her Captain Courage series, Captain Courage and the World’s Most Shocking Secret, Marshall helps children turn “stage fright” into “stage might” with simple, easy to remember tips. Based on the latest scientific research, Marshall sneaks in her message with colorful pictures, humor and a page-turning story sure to keep every early elementary child engaged through every page.

Captain Courage and friends, in Captain Courage and The World’s Most Shocking Secret, are up to some crazy antics, as the beloved superhero/principal seeks to tackle his own top secret fear. During his unique journey involving a very unusual monster, Captain Courage demonstrates to everyone at Blythe Elementary School that facing one’s fear is the key to being courageous.

Main topics:

  • Why life sometimes calls for sheer fun and dancing as if no one else is watching
  • Putting down electronics and picking up face-to-face communication skills
  • The value of projecting confidence and poise – even when you’re scared
  • Finding heroes in everyday people who embrace who they are in fun and unique ways
  • How to overcome even the most gigantic fears with simple tips the pros use

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Author Bio:

Stacey Marshall has been a public speaking coach and motivational speaker for over 15 years. Like Captain Courage, she enjoys teaching people of all ages how to be courageous and poised in any situation. Using her expertise, she has conducted training for various groups including: politicians, actors, litigators, business executives, broadcasters, students, as well as Division I, NFL, WNBA, and Olympic athletes. Marshall is also an expert resource for Parents Magazine

With a background in broadcasting, Marshall is also a winner of the Women Executives International Speak Out. She has written for numerous local and national publications, and often focuses her writing on how to demonstrate confidence and courage. She earned her undergraduate degree in English from Duke University and her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She currently resides with her husband and children in North Carolina. Marshall is also the author of Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes, Book 1 of the Captain Courage Series, which was on Amazon’s top 10 bestseller’s list, and a personal friend of the late Dr. Seuss.