SeekingSitters offers tips for finding a sitter on the “most requested night of the year”

seekingsittersThis holiday season, ‘may all your troubles be forgot’ – because you booked childcare early enough to make time for shopping, cooking and parties.  It may be the most important item to cross off your holiday to-do list.

The closer it gets to the holidays, the harder and more expensive it gets to find a trustworthy, qualified sitter. At SeekingSitters, New Year’s Eve is the most requested night of the year. The nationwide babysitting referral service provides experienced, entertaining and thoroughly screened sitters who have CPR and First Aid training.

“The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about finding a sitter at the last minute who you trust with your children and want in your home,” Adrienne Kallweit, founder of SeekingSitters said. The mother of three and licensed private investigator found herself in that predicament in the past, which is why she and her husband founded SeekingSitters to help other parents.

“We have in-house licensed private investigators who thoroughly pre-screen all of our sitters, we interview them face-to face and verify they have extensive childcare experience to make it safe and fun for your kids,” Kallweit said.

Hiring your own holiday sitter? Kallweit has three tips to ring in the New Year right

·         Don’t Wait – Figure out the dates, like New Year’s Eve, that you’ll need a babysitter. Put the dates and times in writing and give them to your sitter. Get a firm commitment from the sitter and let them know you’re asking early to make big plans. Ask other families if the sitter you’re considering has a history of being responsible, on time and reliable.

·         Thoroughly Screen the Sitter – Call their references and verify their First Aid and CPR credentials.  .Interview potential childcare workers face-to-face and ask tough questions about how they handle disciplinary and emergency situations. Invest in a background check through a licensed private investigation firm.

·         Offer Holiday Pay – Pay your sitter a little extra during the holiday season to acknowledge their efforts during the busiest time of year.  Also give them a few extra dollars if the sitter has prepared things to do with your kids, such as making holiday crafts and gifts.

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