snugababySnugababy, a swaddling baby wrap with handles, is currently running a live campaign on the popular crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. Snugababy is a new product designed to keep babies comfortable and mothers happy, making the transition from arms to crib seamless so babies continue sleeping. The campaign hopes to raise $30,000 to mass-produce and distribute the product.

Created with babies in mind, Snugababy is a swaddling baby wrap with four built-in handles. This allows caregivers to rock babies to sleep and then wrap them up and easily transport them into their crib without waking them. Snugababy allows babies to feel like they’re being held without requiring caregivers to put their day on hold. The comfortable and swaddling design ensures that once babies are asleep, they stay asleep, eliminating the need to repeat bedtime routines multiple times a night.

snug“I realized the need for Snugababy when I had my third kiddo just 11 months after my second,” said Theresa Rogers, stay-at-home mother of three and inventor of Snugababy. “I found that my littlest one always woke up as soon as I tried to transfer her from my arms to her crib. After reading mommy blogs, I learned that other people had the same problem and the only answer I found was to sit and hold my baby while she slept. That simply wasn’t an option with two other children. I had to invent a solution.”

Safety and convenience are the most important aspects of Snugababy. The four-handled design is 33 inches wide, allowing the side handles to be securely tucked into the sides of a crib with a standard baby mattress. This holds the entire Snugababy tight and ensures there’s nothing loose in the bed for children to get wrapped up in.

Snugababy has been approved by pediatricians and nurses to safely hold up to 30 pounds. Snugababy allows busy parents and caregivers to care for their children without stopping their lives. The ergonomic design makes it easier to safely place and remove babies from cribs with high railings without back strain. Ensuring babies sleep soundly in their cribs means that caregivers have time to tend to other children or household chores and don’t waste time while babies sleep.

Contributions to Snugababy’s Kickstarter campaign begin at just $10, and for $50 backers can receive their very own Snugababy. To learn more about Snugababy and the Kickstarter campaign, visit their website at:

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