OtterBox Tag Centered w-gap and yellow strokeJust as designers create clothing to complement their personal styles, OtterBox® carefully crafted Alpha Glass, an all-new fortified glass screen protector, to complement a smartphone’s flawless design. In the spirit of style, designer Katty Xiomara will reveal her jaw-dropping creation at Nolcha Fashion Week 2014: a design composed of OtterBox Alpha Glass.

The OtterBox-inspired garment will be presented at Nolcha Fashion Week on Sept. 8 at the 6 p.m. runway show. With more than 20 designers showing their collections, Xiomara will make a memorable impression with her award-winning designs and elegant style.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is overcoming obstacles,” Xiomara said. “Creating an ensemble from glass screen protectors provides a unique challenge for me as it is something that has never been done. Alpha Glass complements my style perfectly, blending elegant and refined with an understated strength. Alpha Glass belongs on the runway and I can’t wait to reveal our creation.”

OtterBox Alpha Glass is a premium screen protector for Apple iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c and Samsung GALAXY S 5 devices. Alpha Glass offers flawless clarity and powerful protection thanks to the specially formulated ultra-thin shatterproof, scratch-resistant glass. Alpha Glass maintains a clean look and responsive feel, so users will hardly notice the extra layer that gives them runway-worthy confidence.

Alpha Glass includes a microfiber cloth, alcohol swab and applicator for precision application. Alpha Glass is available in a standalone version and an additional version that is compatible with Commuter Series, Commuter Series Wallet, Symmetry Series and Resurgence Power Case.

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