In Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best! Janet Allison interprets boy behavior while guiding parents and teachers to understanding their own boys. This ready-to-use journal-style book will enhance your communication and understanding of brain and gender differences. It includes practical advice and strategies for success at home and school.

In addition to her book, Janet offers a Boys Alive! Certification program in gender-intelligence for Parenting Coaches worldwide. She created Understanding Your Son 101 for parents to have a deeper boysaliveunderstanding of gender-intelligence, too.

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Janet provides professional development for teachers and as a Family Coach, guides parents to make positive, lasting change.

Parents and Teachers are saying:

Janet is phenomenal! She engaged us and provided relevant information that we can use right away.   |   She was super!! Great visuals and energy! | Very engaging.   |   Relevant examples and good ideas.

Janet Allison is a veteran educator and now an educational consultant. She is an Author, Speaker, and Family Coach. She has a master’s certificate in Neuro-Linguistics and a degree in Elementary Education.   She has two grown daughters (yes, she raised daughters!) and lives in Portland, Oregon.

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