Lotto Lotto is a one of a kind app in which the only goal is to help the user win big. Eliminate the unnecessary suspense. Scan your ticket into the app and allowing Lotto Lotto to monitor your numbers and compare them against the winning numbers. Unlike other lottery ticket scanning apps, Lotto Lotto supports lotteries in all states as well as the District of Columbia. Scan past or present tickets to ensure that none of your winnings go uncollected. The odds will be in your favor if you use this app!

Using cutting-edge OCR technology, Lotto Lotto is able to easily recognize and store as many tickets as you want to store. Simply take a picture of your lottery ticket and allow Lotto Lotto to do the rest. Lotto Lotto will track winning numbers in real time and update you when you win it all!

Unique to Lotto Lotto is the ability to create and participate in Lottery pools. Join forces with family, friends, or anyone else in an attempt to better your chances of winning. Add members to your pool, upload as many tickets as you wish, and watch as Lotto Lotto effortlessly manages the tickets in your pool. After you find out the great news that your ticket is a winner, Lotto Lotto will guide you towards the nearest place to collect your winnings.

Features of Lotto Lotto:

+ Scan and store your lottery tickets from any state
+ Effortlessly check winning lottery numbers
+ Create and participate in Lottery pools
+ Find a convenient location to collect your winnings
+ Track results of previous lotteries

The app also benefits lottery retailers as it notifies users when jackpots hit a certain level.  Each user can personalize the settings, as well as shows users the closest lottery retailers to redeem your ticket based on geotracking.

The free app is available for Apple and Android devices.