12So, you have the new iOS 8 on every device you own and already received two updates. (8.0.1 &8.0.2) What are some features that are just a pain in the *$% and are a hindrance rather than a help? You don’t have a contingency plan by rolling back to the previous version, but you can disable some of the changes ushered in with iOS 8. Lifehacker has the best guide – but LNP has a few to add of our own.  Everything you need is somewhere around the Settings app, but in case you can’t find the relevant option we’ll point out exactly where it is for you, and explain why you might want to disable it in the first place. iOS 8 will merrily display your recent contacts every time you view the multi-tasking screen (two taps on the Home button). If you’d rather not be reminded of the people you were recently chatting with (or you don’t want anyone who looks at your device to find out), it’s easy to remove.

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