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Psychotherapists, mothers and fathers have expressed great enthusiasm for Foxhole Father. “Christopher Whalen’s Foxhole Father is a call to arms for fathers everywhere. This book offers practical and valuable advice to men navigating the role of parent, particularly as a single parent, with wisdom, insight and razor sharp clarity. Drawing from his own experience as a single father to three daughters, Chris exposes the courage and commitment engaged fathering requires, and calls upon all men to step up and take an active and valiant role in the lives of their children. While not every suggestion Chris offers may feel applicable to your circumstances, reading this book will certainly make you think long and hard about the role fathers can and should play in the lives of their children. I highly recommend it.” Jennifer Cory, MS, LCSW, Clinical Psychotherapist

“Foxhole Father was a wealth of knowledge for me. I was able to use the book as a tool to not only evaluate my own childhood, but to evaluate myself and my own masculinity. The book discusses the common misconceptions of what makes a real man and how we can make that transition for ourselves and the betterment of our children.” Lance Corporal Zach Brown, United States Marine Corps.

“I am a mother of 2 small boys and ever since I started reading Foxhole guide it has opened my eyes to a new perspective of parenting and I love how the author is really straight forward, but very sincere on his methods. I am so blessed to have found a book that has passion and realistic views on parenting in this day and age. Love it!!!!” Erica Avery

From the Author: “This book gives you direct and clear direction for real-world fathering situations. My three children are adults now and they are flourishing in all areas of their lives. I hope the fathering tools and philosophies I have shared in Foxhole Father will be of benefit to your family. Please share your fathering stories and pictures with the Foxhole Father community at You can also send him questions and comments there. Chris looks forward to discussing fatherhood with you.”

About the author: Christopher R. Whalen is a Certified Public Accountant and owns and manages his own accounting and consulting firm in New Jersey. He specializes in family financial matters and works with collaborative legal teams towards peaceful divorce resolutions. His volunteer work includes prisoner reentry programs and mentoring at risk youth. He lives in New Jersey with his children.

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