Five things to check off your list before winter arrives.geico

With winter weather just around the corner (sorry!), here’s a quick checklist to get your car ready for the cold to come.

  1. TIRES – Give them a once-over for wear and tire pressure (they can lose pressure in the cold). If you’ll need snow tires, now’s a good time to get them.
  2. WIPERS – Hard or worn wipers are a danger in bad weather. Think they can handle the snow/hail/road salt/miscellaneous debris they’ll soon be facing? If not, replace them.
  3. FLUIDS – Top up your windshield washer fluid and flush and refill your car’s coolant system.
  4. BATTERY – Check that your car’s electrical system is properly charged. The last thing you want in the dead of winter is a dead battery.
  5. HEATING – Make sure your heating system and window defroster are working properly. You’ll thank us when the mercury drops.

If you live in a cold climate, remember to put the ice scraper, floor mats and the rest of your winter supplies back in the car. And speaking of being prepared, don’t let a dead battery or another mishap leave you stuck in the cold.