google-fiber-2015In my family, I’m the architect, information technology guru and resident business analyst. (Or at least I like to think I’m one) I recently re-negotiated the agreements for Verizon traditional phone, Cablevision’s Optimum Online internet and Direct TV services.  While these entertainment services include all the necessary evils – none are offering the bandwidth connection speed current provided in rural Kansas City, Kansas.  A very special project that happened in the Google “Fiberhood” in Kansas City.

In 2010, Google announced a nationwide “Google Fiber” initiative – more than 1,100 cities applied – but Kansas City won out.  The ultra-high-speed fiber-to-the-home internet service and residents were able to test and see if the service lived up to its hype.  The 1-gigabit-per-second fiber optic Internet service will cost customers $70 per month.  The fast speeds are available for both uploads and downloads and come with 1 terabyte of “Google drive” data storage and network to deliver the service. If customers want to opt into Fiber TV service, the total comes out to $120 monthly and much more cost effective than Google’s broadband competitors.

The internet search giant is disrupting the cable business (Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision) and effectively put them all ON NOTICE.  Its new infrastructure and installing cable/data network will force Google Fiber to operate a loss.  Since Google is flush with cash – it won’t blink that the initial net negative rollout.  It’s less about a long term revenue opportunity, but pushing current Internet providers to increase speeds and overall innovation.

I expect a pretty lengthy wait for my neighborhood to become a Google Fiberhood.  Here’s the link to see if /when your neighborhood will be Google Fiberhood.

Tentative pricing:google-locations

  • Internet (1Gbs speed & 1Tbs storage) $70 (only)
  • Internet & phone $120 (combo)
  • Internet, Phone & TV $TBD (bundle)


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