smartrelief_product_big1Nearly 31 million Americans are plagued by lower back pain – but when “Snowmageddon” strikes the Northeast tonight, we’re guessing that number might spike. If a day stuck inside the house isn’t enough to stiffen your back, shoveling 2-3 feet of snow will likely do the trick. When doctor’s offices close and it seems impossible to get to the chiropractor in the middle of the storm, having an instant treatment on hand can be a lifesaver.
America’s No. 1 trusted pain reliever brand, IcyHot™ recently launched the IcyHot SmartRelief™ device to combat this medical problem that will plague so many of us over the next 46 hours. IcyHot SmartRelief™ packs the power of a doctor’s visit or physical therapy session into a portable pad that can be applied to the area of pain. This unique device uses advanced TENS technology and can be adjusted to 63 intensity levels depending on the severity of pain.

Other benefits to IcyHot SmartRelief™ include: 
• Compact in size (smaller than a credit card)
• Drug-free, over the counter availability
• Easy to use and remove and requires no assembly
• Safe to use all day and will automatically shut off after 30 minutes
• Allows users to rebound from back pain and stay active
• Affordable price range (SRP: $38.99)
• Available across the U.S. at grocery stores, drugstores and large retailers like Walmart and Target