It’s a daydream you’ve had for years.

Your high schooler, several years older, walks up to you with a gleam of maturity in their eye. They’re wearing a traditional cap and gown, holding a ceremonial rolled-up-diploma in one hand. They throw their arms around you and say, “I did it! I can’t believe I’m a Princeton graduate!” Then they look at you tearfully. “Thanks for everything.”

For any parent (and you’re no different), it would be so wonderful to see your child succeed so wildly.

First, they’ll need to get into that prestigious college.

Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Johns Hopkins, MIT–they’re all super-competitive schools. And they get thousands of bright, shiny, highly-qualified applicants.

And I’m sure your child is also bright and shiny and qualified. Here’s how to make sure your student’s application stands out–broken down into three neat steps.

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