Get ready for Super Snack Sunday — the peak day for many popular snack/junk foods

  • Last year, Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest pizza day of the year (up 67% from average).
  • It was the second biggest beer day (up 90% from average) — right after July 4th.
  • It was also the biggest day of the year for tortilla chips (up 200% from average) and wings (up 327% from average).

Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  • Consumption of pizza and beer over the course of 2014 was correlated at .85 — that’s super high! If you’re eating pizza, odds are, you’re also drinking beer.
  • Interesting notes:
    • Pizza and beer both peak every weekend and drop during the week.
    • It’s also fun to look at the places where they *DON’T* move together — places where the dots fall far from the trend line in the scatter plot.
      • When are people eating  lots of pizza without beer? Halloween. Second biggest pizza day of the year, but beer is down from average.
      • When are people drinking lots of beer but not pairing it with pizza? July 4th and Thanksgiving.

Who’s eating (and drinking) what?

  • Men drank 144% — almost 2.5x — as much beer as women
  • But women drank 25% more wine than men.
  • Men ate 15% more pizza and 37% more wings.
  • Although 20 somethings have a bad rap for binge drinking, people in the 21-30 age range drank 18% less beer than people 31-60.
  • The older you are, the less pizza you eat.
  • People over 70 eat 61% less pizza than people 18-20.
  • Do winners drink more than losers? Last year, people in Seattle drank 12% more beer than people in Denver. (BUT looking at the year before, the trend doesn’t hold — the losers ( SF ) drank 6% more than the winners in Baltimore.