So your kid wants to go to college- great! Except when you ask them what they want to major in, they still have no idea. Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing… They’re stressed and you’re worried.

How can you go to college without a major??

Relax. THIS IS NORMAL. Here are some reasons why it can be OK to not know your major.

It’s not always required

Most colleges don’t require you to officially choose a major until your sophomore year.

Which colleges are these?

There’s a lot of colleges out there! Unfortunately, you’ll have to do a bit of research. Get in contact with a college admission officer, OR see if you can’t find out something about it on their website.

College is an opportunity for growth

Were you the same person you were in college as you were in High School? Or did you change?

Every High Schooler has classes in mathematics, science, literature, etc. but what they might not have is a class in Graphic Design, or Ethical Theories. In college, there are classes that specialize in a wide range of interests. In other words:

There’s room to explore!

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