pitch-perfect-2-posterPitch Perfect 2 was a very entertaining sequel or should I say it was Aca-mazing! It was exactly what you would expect. Reprising their lead roles are Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, which we obviously love. The script followed the basis of the first movie adding lots of politically incorrect jokes from the John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks the fabulous announcing duo and of course hilarious jokes involving Fat Amy. The acapella songs were well done and a highlight of the movie. The songs included some great all time 90s favorites as well as an original song written for the movie which was an unexpected Glee type of song but won the audience over by the end. The script took its own turn off from the first movie about half way thru so it became less predictable but as always you found yourself rooting for the Bella’s in the end. Overall a great comedy that entertained me and had me laughing very loud on more than a few occasions. Totally worth checking out!