Summer is finally here and today, Kid President is revealing what kids really want out of a summer vacation in a brand new episode of his self-titled viral series that is currently featured exclusively on

In partnership with HomeAway and hosted on SoulPancake, Robby Novak and his brother-in-law Brad Montague deliver another comical, yet inspiring video that reminds viewers to take a “whole vacation” this summer. Kid President encourages parents to let loose and celebrate their ‘inner child’, because what kids really want from a vacation is the ability for their parents to relax and have fun with them. He also reminds us that family time isn’t something we find in a fancy hotel lobby or at a resort – it’s something we make, by spending time with each other without distractions.

Here are three tips Robby and Brad gave to to help nail your family trip this summer.

3 tips to nailing the perfect “whole vacation”

1. Take lots of games to play with each other. Just don’t take games that will make you fight. —Robby

2. Go somewhere and stay somewhere that allows you to relax and be together. —Brad

3. Laugh a lot. —Robby

“We really just want to spend time with you,” Robby reminds parents in the video. “Yeah, you.”

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About Kid President:
Brad Montague and Robby Novak are co­creators of Kid President, the popular web series featured on Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake YouTube channel. Together the two have created a movement of joy and fun and created work seen by tens of millions. Kid President is a Webby Award­winning show that has gone onto be a television show “Declaration of Awesome” on the Hub Network. Their “Guide to Being Awesome” is a Harper Collins Children’s book and a New York Times Bestseller! With a passion for helping foster creativity and compassion in young people, Brad is also the director of GO! Camp, an experience for teenagers who want to change the world, and co­founder of Love In Stereo, a collective of artists striving to create work that matters. Robby is going into sixth grade. He likes basketball, football, soccer and making the world better. The two live and work around the corner from each other in Tennessee. This entire project was started out of a simple hope to make the internet a more joyful place and a simple belief that the world would be better if we could all stop and listen to kids once in awhile.