racismBSSIt’s seems like everyday – we’re introduced to new audio / video of your favorite celebrity or public figure privately spewing their racist beliefs! Our parents have taught us that all private conversations become public in some way, shape or form.  People from all walks of life then castrate the public figure as if they’ve never made any type of racial comment or overtone in their lives.  You’ve heard that “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones” reminds us that we should be careful how we treat other people (with our words and actions) because everyone can be easily hurt or offended.  I wanted to briefly share the lyrics from the 1990 Boogie Down Productions “Edutainment” album.  The song performed by KRS One was “The Racist”. There are five examples given of racist behaviors / characteristics in this song. 

While reading these lyrics – please answer these two questions: 

1. Can you identify which one is ‘said’ owner? 

2. Do you see any of these characteristics in yourself?


As an African American male – 40+ year old who’s head of household – I implore my others to STOP using derogatory language or so-called “terms of endearment” to describe yourself or others of your race.  It’s hypocritical when you become outraged when a person from another race refers to you using those same terms.  There are NO double standards – it’s time to wake up and get your life in order.  Millions of fans (from all races) adore these public figures/ celebrities (athletes/actors) as role models.  I have no idea why!!!  Your role models are in your home and your educators in the school system.  It’s time to take ownership and govern yourself accordingly when referring to women (which is someone’s mother, sister or wife) as b%^&* or h$% or your brother by using inflammatory language.  These are only a common practices to remove the venomous language and behavior from this level of ignorance.

Mobile smartphones are everywhere and recording everything.  We’re overdue and it’s time to get our “house” in order.

This is the first of many posts that I will write on this topic.