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Leading Authority on Educational Policy Clete Bulach uses his book “Creating a Culture for High Performing Schools: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform and Dropout Prevention” to discuss the tragic school shootings that have plagued our education system and what can be done to prevent them.
Steps to Make Schools and Society a Better Place – Schools are no longer safe havens for children.
Violence has become part of the fabric of our society. It is pervasive on television, in sports, music, video games, and even in our schools and workplaces.
Students cannot learn in an unsafe environment. A welcoming environment is particularly important for those students who are struggling in school and need extra support. How did our school get to this point? Where did our society go wrong?
Clete Bulach answers the following questions:
* How can we make our schools and society safer?
* What causes the mass school shootings?
* Which of life’s five basic needs is most likely to cause a shooter to act?
* What are the major causes for low test scores and high school dropouts?

C.S. Keys @CSKEYSSHOW discusses the state of the NFL.

Topics include:
  • Is this the END of Peyton Manning?
  • Are the Raiders for real?
  • Does he believe in the Falcons?
  • NFL Injuries
  • Globalization / London
  • NFC West
  • Greg Hardy
  • Cam Newton
  • Relocation
  • Marvin Lewis “The Bungals”
  • Chuck Pagano
  • SuperBowl 50