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jessieN805pm – Jessie Nuez is a social media influencer and family tech expert. Jessie is the founder and publisher of, where she provides family tech tips, reviews and resources for parents and families. She has also been named as a Top Latina Blogger by #LATISM and serves as the Editor and Tech columnist for Latina Bloggers Connect, a collaborative network that connects Latina bloggers with brands who want to engage with Hispanic audiences online.

taliorad830pm – Tali Orad, mom of three, entrepreneur and software engineer, invented an app and hardware device called #screen that helps families manage all the devices in their home and reconnect in real time.  Phones that are android, iOS, gaming consoles like the Wii or X-Box One, TV and computers – any electronic device can be shut off/turned on with a single mobile app from anywhere – in the house OR remotely, and regardless of where the kids are using their screens whether online or off.   

That means that while you’re at the office or the grocery store, you have complete control over your young people’s screen time habits…