fiosIt’s very simple – Verizon is out to show that its Fios television and Internet services are not cable, and not just because it uses fiber optics instead of traditional cable wires to provide the connection.

The YouTube video below depicts the difference via neighborhood dwellers in awe of Verizon’s mounting awards.

Being a broadband provider is a very competitive business and Verizon is always looking for ways to differentiate the Fios product from the other products out there.  There’s definitely a very compelling story to tell about the difference between Fios and cable, and the recognition for speed and customer service that Verizon has received as a result of our customers’ feedback.

There’s a very clear statement that Fios is not cable. Verizon is wired differently – and it’s setting themselves apart from their competitors in a very clear, straightforward way.

I recently became a Verizon customer that’s  much happier than when I was a cable customer.  I haven’t met a Fios customer that doesn’t love their Fios service.  I would encourage you to try Fios, because there isn’t any competition out there.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a part of a campaign I’m doing with Verizon FiOS in New York.