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@BuccoBruce83 joins us to talk about the NFL Draft / etc:

Life as we know it just changed — how?
ESPN Mass exodus stop at ESPN — #Simmons, #Tirico, #Olbermann and now #Skip!

The NFL draft — 1st & 2nd picks
L.A. Rams / Philadelphia
— who goes where and why?

Sleeper picks & Studs?

Top 5 GMs / VPs in the league calling shots?

Brady / DeflateGate – Does it stay at 4 games?

Will Jonathan Manziel play another down in the NFL?

Thoughts on Ray Rice or Greg Hardy!

Will the Jets seize the moment? Sans Tom Brady – or will they be the same ole Jets?

What’s your take on Fitzpatrick’s contract situation?

Anything weirder than Josh Norman / Panthers situation? Does everyone really lose in the end? How many years do you expect Norman be in DC?

365 days later – Mariota v Winston — are you still excited that #FamousJameis is a Buccaneer?

Where do you think the raiders / chargers will be in 5yrs? Why won’t the Nevada talk won’t die down? How many season ticket holders do the Raiders really have?

Los Angeles, Ca is the crown jewel – Stan’s world – Do we see all NFL events moving there?

Draft Day trades – Sam Bradford / Mohammed Wilkerson?

ManCrushWednesday’s – are you still in love w/Teddy Bridgewater?

If the NFL season started tomorrow – who wins each division?

What would you like to see as the GREAT Peyton Manning’s next chapter? (Analyst/owner/ GM)