I’ve lived in Florida and New York.  There’s something about packing all our worldly possessions into little boxes that just seems to strike fear in the hearts of people?  While I understand that the prospect of living in a new area can be unsettling, the moving process does not have to be as stressful as it seems.

Hire a certified professional relocation company.

Everyone’s heard the horror stories, so don’t take chances with your property when choosing a moving company. Ask the salesmen if the company belongs to your state’s moving association, an accredited van line. Both van lines and moving associations hold their members to higher standards so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are in the hands of responsible professionals.

Start early.

While it may seem obvious many people don’t leave enough time to properly prepare for the move. Starting early reduces stress and allows you to deal with unintended problems. You’ve got enough to worry about when relocating, don’t make the calendar your enemy! If you are doing the packing yourself, begin boxing up items at least four weeks ahead of the move day to provide ample time to prepare your valuable items for the big move.

Make A List!

Keep an inventory of your valuable items and their condition. Make note of any visible damage to the moving boxes or unboxed items on delivery day.

Final Walkthrough

Do a final walkthrough of your home before the driver leaves. Check closets, attics, crawl spaces shelves and other areas for any items that could easily be left behind.

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