Do you need some last minute ideas to share with your audience? Innovative product developer, specialty retailer and leading expert on dad behavior Brookstone focuses its 2016 Father’s Day Gift efforts on making mancaves even more awesome than they already are. After more than 50 years of entertaining, serving and studying dads, Brookstone felt that it was time to establish a base of essential mancave equipment that went beyond a pool table and stolen street signs.

Here’s the Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2016, which are now available in Brookstone retail stores and online.

Recover 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The centerpiece of any alpha-man’s mancave. The powerful massage chair gives soothing, customized massage to every muscle in Dad’s body. Perhaps the only thing better than watching TV in a mancave is getting a good massage while doing it.

973067 $3,999

Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Deep-kneading, heated massage helps Dad’s muscles feel marvelous. Just the thing after a long day when there’s lot riding on Dad’s shoulders.

935973 $169.99


Big Blue Party™ Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Forget about hooking up fancy stereo systems. Big Blue Party™ fills any size mancave with rich stereo sound—from anywhere in the room. It’s cordless, rechargeable, and water resistant so it doesn’t mind getting splashed near the pool or rained on at tailgate parties.

849504 $199.99

Fitbit Blaze™ Smart Fitness Watch

When Dad is in his mancave with buddies, he’s going to want to show off his new Blaze fitness watch. It has connected GPS, so he never has to ask directions again. It has wrist-based heart rate tracking so he can track effort without wearing a silly chest strap. And, most important, it looks like a man’s watch, which is helpful in the dad-eat-dad world of dads.

313600 $199.95

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Craft Beer Glasses (Set of 2)

With two styles available for IPA or Wheat-style beers, Birrateque glasses are shaped to bring out the best in each brew. A narrow, thickly walled bottom is easy to hold and protects beer from hand heat. Etchings on the bottom inside of the glass help maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles to reinvigorate the foamy head. A wide bowl and narrowing chimney help concentrate aromas, and the thin, lipless rim ensures smooth mouth feel.

316214/316215 $24.99

The Fizzics™ Beer System

There’s no need to lug heavy kegs to the mancave. The Fizzics beer system uses sound waves and pressure to transform any bottle or can of beer into the fresh-from-the-tap elixir Dads have worshipped for centuries. Fizzics imparts a smoother mouth feel, enhanced aroma, and a richer, foamier head to even the most basic brew, and it brings out the full potential in fine craft beers.

304106 $169.99

Parrot® Bebop Drone Quadricopter

When Dad was little, racing slot cars in the basement was the bomb. Now he can fly a Wi-Fi enabled quadricopter that streams HD video back to his phone. Indoors, Bebop Drone is perfect for intimidating opponents around the pool table or spying on the hands of poker players. Outside, the sky’s the limit and Dad can take breathtaking aerial videos of the wilderness or check out the new shed his buddy is building down the block.

938075 $399.99

On the ROCK Glass with Ice Ball Maker (Set of 2)

If Dad is shelling out that much green for a single malt, we advise that he use a glass that helps him get the most flavor and enjoyment out of every sip. The On the ROCK Glass features a little mountain or “rock” in the middle of its base. By placing a large, single ice ball (ice-making mold included) and pivoting one’s wrist, the whiskey is chilled and aroma is raised upward, with minimal watering down of the drink. Cheers.

854465 $39.99

Audio-Technica Automatic Bluetooth Turntable

Vinyl is divinyl. Give him this wireless, Bluetooth enabled turntable from the hi-fi gods at Audio-Technica and watch Dad sob in nostalgic joy, as he pulls out every disk in his old record collection. And if your Dad doesn’t have his records anymore, get him some of those, too, and you’ll be his favorite child for life. Pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled speaker or music system.

315216 $179.99

Mars by Crazybaby Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

What Dad doesn’t want a speaker that floats in mid air, hovering like a UFO with spacy lights? Exactly. Awesome, room-filling sound. Pair two for wireless stereo. Endless wow factor.

314184 $329.00