Poppy and Geoff Spencer, co-authors of the new book, 1 Billion Seconds: A Fictional Memoir, are based in Sarasota and available to share advice (outlined below) on The Very Best of Mankind—regarding the tragedy in Orlando.

Speaking about his brother’s death on 9/11, Geoff has said, “I made a decision that this isn’t the way his life story is going to end. Not with tragedy and horror. That is not going to be my brother’s legacy.” He discusses below how we, a society, should avoid blame, it is not productive and we should repurpose grief and support others.

Further, based on his own experience with four divorces and five marriages between himself and his wife and co-author, Poppy, are relationship coaches and they can also offer three reasons not to forsake the ex for the sake of the children to honor Father’s Day as a blended family as well as during the many upcoming holidays approaching.

Geoff’s comments below on the following topics, as they can offer your audience practical, useful advice on removing the stigma of divorce, exiting a toxic relationship to keeping the love alive and more.

· Hope and courage: which allow you to take risks to honor the core of who you are

· How to overcome tragedy and keep a loved one’s memory alive

· Offers a mindset to help you get rid of any thoughts, feelings, and behaviors preventing you from being the best version of yourself

· Challenges fear and social bias, and the common notion that people should stay together “for the sake of the children”

· The value of speaking the honest truth

· Proper communication skills, even if no words are the best

· How to integrate blended families