My household is no different from any household.  We have 15+ devices that are broadband hogs that are fighting for connectivity and trying to avoid constant buffering and degradation of speed.  The Internet as we know it changes in an instant. Verizon rolled out Fios Instant Internet, a new broadband service with equal upload and download speeds of 750 Mbps.  Fios Instant Internet has the bandwidth to handle whatever demands a home or business full of connected devices can throw at it without compromising the performance of any one of them.

With an Instant Internet connection you can:

  • Enjoy a superior online experience for multiple users and devices connected to the network at the same time
  • Stream HD videos, movies, and TV shows with practically no buffering or lag
  • Video chat with friends and family without worrying about poor audio/video or connection drops
  • Download and upload files, photos, and videos at incredible speeds
  • Play Interactive online games without worrying about your internet connection

Other Internet service providers claim to have ultra-fast gigabit-like speeds, but they don’t offer uploads as fast as downloads and they’re often accessible to only a select few customers. But Fios Instant Internet’s 750/750 Mbps symmetrical speeds will be available to nearly seven million homes and businesses in greater New York City / northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Richmond, with more to follow in 2017.

Interested in finding out if your area is available for Instant Internet? CLICK HERE

…almost a GB broadband connection to your house.

I’m so glad that I made the switch to Verizon Fios because BetterMatters!!!

….and you should too!!!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a part of a campaign I’m doing with Verizon FiOS in New York.