We talk to parents all the time who are at a loss.

Their student seems to be doing everything they can to succeed in their math classes, but they’re still barely making it. 

Every day is a struggle. Both you and the student may feel discouraged, frustrated, impatient, and stressed.

After being a math tutor for over 7 years in virtually every grade level, I have learned whether your student is in 5th grade learning about adding and subtracting negative numbers or in 11th grade solving Physics problems or figuring out the derivative of an equation in their Calculus class, the # 1 reason they are struggling is always the same.

Student’s are missing important mathematical concepts from earlier years to be successful in their classes. 

Here are three steps to fix the issue!

Step 1:  Stop Doing What You Are Doing

Yep, you heard me.

Albert Einstein stated:

“The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome.” 

If your student is struggling in say, algebra, what is the first thing that people recommend?

…Re-take the class. Re-view the concepts. Re-read the chapter.

But what’s the common element in all those approaches?

You’re re-doing something that you already did.


Take a step back and take a different approach. The ones you have been taking are not working.