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Hoskins LLP is managed by the wife and husband team of Sharon & Rob Hoskins.  Combined, the two bring over 30 years of legal experience to the table.

General Questions

  1. What are the top three common reasons for a divorce present day vs. 10 years ago?

 FATHER’S want to know:

  1. What should a dad have on his own in order to be able to have split custody of his child?
  2. How much should a man pay his spouse for child support until their divorce is final?

Legislation Advice

  1. What would important thing would you tell somebody before they got married and what would important thing would you tell them before they File for divorced?
  2. Any chance of reforming any Divorce Laws. Laws are outdated in most areas of Law and they get reformed. New Crime laws added. New Tax Laws added etc.

Prenuptial Agreement

  1. Pre-nup for middle class people. Do they exist? And ask them ‘Would YOU sign one?’

Mothers would like to know:

  1. Have you ever encountered a case that was out of the ordinary?

Couples would like to know:

  1.   Are you there to mediate both sides or just one divorcee?
  2. Do you leave out the emotional aspect and focus on making a legal transaction?