Mercane Wheels today introduced version 2.0 of the Transboard, its advanced, eco-friendly electric “kickscooter” that combines speed, stability and safety to deliver users with a superior riding experience.  Equipped with a plethora of features to redefine user safety and comfort, the Transboard is perfect for people looking for a personal mobility alternative for commuting within the city or on dirt roads in the countryside.  The Indiegogo campaign, which has a funding goal of $30,000 USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $499.00 USD (60% off retail) and several other rewards for early backers.

Built with an aluminum alloy frame, a polycarbonate cover and an innovative, one-gesture folding system that makes it light and easy to transport when not in use, the Transboard offers users best-in-class driving stability and performance with its 3-wheel self-balancing system, L-Double Link suspension and a 500 Watt BLDC HUB Motor.  With an Electric Driving Control System and a 48V 8.6Ah battery, users will experience stable acceleration, great braking performance and the ability to ride for up to 25 miles on one full charge (takes 6 hours to fully charge)!

“The vast majority of scooters on the market today are outfitted with just two wheels in order to keep them compact and ensure versatility,” said Mark Min, CEO, Mercane Wheels.  “Transboard has three wheels and a more balanced design so riders won’t have to constantly find their balance – this means a safer, more comfortable ride for extended periods of time!”

About Mercane Wheels
Founded in 2015, Mercane Wheels is an expert R&D and manufacturing company building various types of personal mobility products that move by electric power.  Based in Korea and with offices in Los Angeles, CA, Mercane, since its inception, has feverously been in development of its flagship products, the E-wagon and the Transboard.   A new campaign will be launching in the spring of 2017 for an updated version.  For more information, visit