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Segment 1

Gaidar Magdanurov – General Manager / VP of Technology (Acronis)

  1. World Backup Day, who established, why is important, how we add value.
  2. Analytics based on our Google survey.
  3. Scenarios of how users can lose data.
  4. Tips & tricks on keeping your data safe.

Segment 2

Dr. Michele Reed – High Risk Pregnancies

Pregnancy and being pregnant is an exciting time for women and couples, but for approximately 352,000 women each year it is also a very stressful and risky time. High Risk is a result of many factors ranging from age of the mother to high blood pressure.

Dr. Reed discusses high risk pregnancies and speaks to the stress that women may feel when deemed a high risk pregnancy.

  1. What other factors or conditions would cause a woman to be considered high risk pregnancy?
  2. Could you have a normal pregnancy and then be considered high risk near birth?
  3. Are there steps that a woman should take to promote a healthy pregnancy and not become high risk?
  4. Are there tests that determine an increase for high risk?

Segment 3

Kevin McLeod – Rogers Athletics General Manager — MVP Drive

Goes High Tech with Its First Ever Robot – Meet Football’s Newest Player, The MVP Drive Robotic Tackling Dummy That’s Taking Football Fields by Storm

For these reasons, a group of researchers and engineers at Dartmouth College, led by their Head Football Coach Buddy Teevens, decided it was time to put an end to player on player tackling during practice. Studies have shown that the majority of injuries were taking place during practice.  The concept for a Robotic tackling dummy was born. By simulating human motion, the MVPDrive allows players to practice tackling, blocking, pursuing, evading and throwing at a mobile target, without the collisions and fatigue, associated with teammate on teammate training. The MVPDrive is the first of its kind and the only robotic tackling dummy in the world!

“The MVPDrive is a tool that was created to provide the most realistic playing experience without human involvement.   The concept holds true from Pop Warner to the National Football League as well as any other sport that desires to reduce the risk of injury through unnecessary contact.”

 Segment 4

 It’s Air Max Day — 30yr anniversary

Who’s streaming what? Dave Chappelle. The Americans and will start IronFist.

 Next week’s guests include:

 Bill Latham, an author and education expert will talk Charter Schools & Common Core.

Two of the youngest entrepreneurs will be in the studio to discuss their water bottle company.