It’s widely encouraged that your business should use digital marketing techniques and ideas. There are many good reasons for this, digital marketing has proven to be very successful and can help businesses in ways traditional marketing ideas can’t.

Saying that it’s crucial that your company manages your digital marketing strategy properly and ensures it works to its full potential. Furthermore, when things aren’t going well, you need to understand what could be causing your dips in performance. Believe it or not, but it might be down to one of these four things:


A Loosely Defined Target Market

If you loosely define your target market, then it could be damaging your digital marketing efforts. Why? Because you’ll be creating content that’s aimed at a very loose definition of your target market. Therefore, it won’t really be targeted at a core group of people. You need a very strict definition of your target market to influence the content you produce. It must be aimed specifically at that market, and no one else. Who cares about other consumers, your target market is the ones that will make you the most money. They’re the ones you’re likely to gain the most success with and create as many leads as possible. With a loosely defined target market, your content strategy is all over the place, and you struggle to create leads and generate new customers.

Outdated Practices

Many businesses fall into the trap of assuming that all digital marketing practices are new. This is because digital marketing is always kind of separated from traditional marketing and seen as the most updated form of marketing. While this is half true, you have to understand that digital marketing has been around for some time now. Furthermore, things change in this marketing landscape very quickly. So, things that worked and were seen as best practices five years ago could now be obsolete and may damage your campaign instead. A great example of this is with SEO and link building. Years ago, the SEO algorithms were way different to what they are now. That meant that doing certain things boosted your ranking years ago, but won’t do that now. Back in the day, people would spam their links everywhere just to boost the number of backlinks their site had and give them a push up the rankings. But, things came in to stop that, and if you did it now, your site would get punished. So, if you keep using outdated practices, then you will hamper your digital marketing efforts. Stay up to date and keep your marketing strategy fresh and following modern practices.


Technology Faults That Are In Your Control

Often, the cause of your problems is something as simple as a technology fault. Think about it, with digital marketing, you rely on various digital technologies to get things going. Primarily, you need an internet connection and a computer to run and monitor your campaign. So, when things go wrong with either of them, it generally disturbs your marketing performance. If your computer breaks down then you have nothing to monitor your campaign on and will have to try and use a mobile device which isn’t as convenient. When your internet drops, you have no means of posting things on social media or working on SEO or doing anything! But, these things are in your control as you can get IT support to help you fix them as soon as possible. This limits the damage caused, but will still hamper your digital marketing performance as you’re going to spend a brief period without the ability to do anything.


Technology Faults That Are Out Of Your Control

Going hand in hand with the above point are technology faults out of your control. These are the ones that are the most damaging as you can’t do anything to rectify them. This includes things like social media sites going down and being inaccessible for a period. It’s out of your control when this happens, and all you can do is sit tight and wait for people on the other end to fix things and get the sites up and running again. This can apply to any sites or platforms you need to use for your digital campaign to run smoothly. The only upside is that if they’re down for you, they’re probably down for everyone else. So, all your rivals are in the same boat as you and you don’t lose out.

A lot of digital marketing performance dips are caused by these four things. If you’re struggling, then take a look and see if any of these issues is the cause.