Verizon has come up with something new and effective for post-natural disaster situations. The company successfully launched a giant drone, which is the solution to the huge problem after any kind of natural disaster, i.e. cell phone network service.

According to Next Web, the drone, which has been launched by Verizon has the emergency LTE capabilities, which can provide cell services after any kind of disaster, helping in re-establishing communication through telephone or the internet. This is an example how Verizon has used the technology for keeping its network up and running even during any kind of weather event or disaster.

Verizon collaborated with American Aerospace Technologies Inc. for the making of 17-foot wingspan drone. The drone is equipped for transmitting a 4G LTE signal. The drone was tested this week by the company, which had a successful result.

It is written in Fox News Tech that the drone was tested by Verizon at the Woodbine Municipal Airport situated in Woodbine, New Jersey. The test was made for simulating an environment where commercial power would not be working completely after any severe disaster or events that can affect the communication services.

The test which was conducted this week was followed by a successful test conducted in October 2016 for providing 4G LTE network from the drone. One more test is planned to be conducted next month which will involve county, state and federal emergency responders. The drone from Verizon has the capability for flying up to 22,000 feet and can fly for 12 to 16 hours at a time.

The drone from Verizon can also stream live images of the area to emergency personnel. Much more is planned by Verizon and hopes to get much more than that with that drone. UAV tool has been used in the drone, which will be a critical tool for emergency response in the future, as per Verizon.